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long time coming

Wow, it’s been what, 6-7 months since I last did this? I find myself at an interesting crossroad at this point in my life. Tonight at 8pm I will take my last college final, ever. Which makes me wonder, “Being that this is the ‘final’ Final, what will I do afterward?”  I find it interesting that after 5 years, yes…5 years, in school that I do not, nor will I, have a job that pertains to my degree in 2 weeks. Job market is terrible, but at least I have one that, for the most part, isn’t very stressful and it pays well. While this will be short because I have to start work in 20 mins, I will get back on the blog train (scouts honor), with new updates from church and life in general. We’ve been through a lot of changes since the last post, I mean heck, I got married and never even posted about that. Like I said, I gotta run, but hopefully, with my life finally winding down to a somewhat normal Atlantan’s pace, I should be more frequent on this bad boy. If not, can’t say I didn’t try!



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